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Wireless ‘Pet-Immune’ Dual Tech Sensor




With a detection radius of 15metres, this wireless ‘Pet-Immune’’ dual tech sensor is a wonderful addition to a wireless home security system from Monitor Alarms.

Add A Wireless Dual Tech Sensor To Your Monitored Security Solution Today

This product uses a dual technology movement detector; utilising both infrared and microwave detection. As such this security product is a great addition to your security system, especially when used in large and challenging areas such as kitchens, conservatories, and storage areas.

Will A Pet Trigger A False Alarm On A Home Security System?

Our standard motion sensors will detect any motion; this includes both potential intruders and pets. However, ‘pet-immune’ detectors separate animal motions from human motions, eliminating pet-triggered false alarms.

For more information regarding monitored security solutions from Monitor Alarms, please visit our FAQ page.