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Southern & Northern Monitoring Services
(NSI ARC Gold Approved) Nsi Gold
Both Alarm Receiving Centres are NSI ARC Gold approved to provide professional monitoring of intruder and fire alarms.
What is a security system and how does it work?
All home security systems work on the same basic principle of securing entry points, like doors and windows, as well as interior space containing valuables. Regardless of the size of your home, or the number of doors and windows or interior rooms a homeowner decides to protect, the only real difference is in the number of security components deployed throughout the property.
What is alarm monitoring and how does it work?
Alarm monitoring is quick and detailed communication between your home security system and the specialist response team. Unlike traditional systems that typically only alerted you if the alarm went off, we monitor the activity across your home’s sensors 24/7, whether your system is armed or not. This means your system can be useful in emergency and non-emergency events. All the signs from the security system are sent through your existing internet connection. In the event that your internet connection is interfered with, our security systems will switch from transmitting through your router to our dedicated secure cellular connection for fast and reliable communication.
Are security systems and alarm monitoring worth it?
A home security system is an investment, and as with any investment it's important to determine the return you're likely to receive. While it can be simple to tally the up-front and monthly costs associated with a security system and alarm monitoring, attaching a price tag to peace of mind is a difficult thing to do, especially if you have children or teens in the house.
I rent an apartment. Should I still consider a home security system?
When people normally think of burglaries and home security systems, houses are the first buildings to come to mind. But did you know that, according to the National Crime Prevention Council, flats are actually 85 percent more likely to be burgled than single-family homes? This disheartening statistic should be a warning to all apartment renters; just because you live in an apartment doesn't mean you don't need to consider home security.
Will my pet trigger a false alarm on my home security system?
Our standard motion sensor will detect any motion, whether it's caused by an intruder or your pet headed to its water dish. Security companies invest vast amounts of time and resources to create pet immune motion detectors, thereby eliminating pet-triggered false alarms. The results are impressive and represent the culmination of hundreds of hours of recorded animal and human movements. These movement patterns have been analysed by our engineers and computer programmers, and converted into sophisticated algorithms that effectively separate and eliminate animal motions from human motions.
Can an alarm be overcome by cutting the wires or turning the mains off?
Conventional alarm systems can be overcome in this way, particularly the cheaper DIY kits; but as our security systems are wireless, there are no connecting cables to tamper with. The entire security system is backed-up with rechargeable batteries, and we supply all of our systems with in-line power supplies to keep your router working in the event of a power-cut. In the event that your internet connection is interfered with, our security systems will switch from transmitting through your router to the on-board SIM card that will transmit the alarm signal over GPRS, much like a mobile phone. If the control panel is tapered with or destroyed, the system still sends a signal to the specialist response team.
Can purchasing a home security system decrease my home insurance?
On average, installing monitored safety and security devices in your home can reduce your homeowner's insurance up to 20 percent. Insurance companies understand that a professionally monitored security system adds an extra layer of protection to your home, creating a safer environment for your family. They also know monitored security systems reduce the likelihood your home will be burglarised or suffer costly water or fire damage. That means there's less chance you'll file a claim with your insurance company. As a result, your insurance company saves money and they pass that savings on to you. Another reason we advise all homeowners get a home security system with professional monitoring is because it can help protect your family from the emotional stress caused by catastrophic events like burglaries, home invasions and fires. The side effects of events like these can be especially hurtful to children. Monitor reminds you that the best way to deal with a burglary or fire is to prevent it from occurring in the first place.